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Intro to The Online Tanki  Hack Tool

Tanki online hack is now shared to the crowd! When playing a game, everyone is battling against each other to reach the highest possible score. Usually, the main goal is to win every single game played. The final goal would be to beat everyone and put yourself on the first spot. Obviously, this isn’t that easy to accomplish. But on this website we will provide a guide to support you in your journey. In short, this guide includes multiple tips and tricks to improve gameplay. This will increase the pace in which players can farm crystals. Moreover, if implemented correctly the power of the tank will increase to immense heights. Our roadmap to success also includes cheats. The cheats for crystals combined with the tips will help to further improve your mechanics. winning all battles will become a piece of cake with the Tanki online hack guide.

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The Tanki online gameplay

Tanki Online is a free to play browser game developed and hosted by AlternativaPlatform. It is a browser-based multiplayer game running on flash. Therefore, no downloads are required. Everything you need to play this awesome game is available online. Now you are probably wondering how you can ever proceed with a saved file. Well, don’t worry about it. In contrast to other games, you will create free online accounts. Your files will be stored online on the server. This way you can always proceed at the spot you ended the last time.

Next, in Tanki online gamers control their own powerful tank. While controlling the tank you complete sequences of daily objectives. When you are finished with the objectives crystals are added to your account. Every single mission introduces a new challenge for you to tackle. Moreover, there is a high variation in objectives to accomplish

How to hack tanki online?

If you are looking for way to hack tanki online. You are on the right place! Let me introduce the tanki online crystal generator. The generator can be used by anyone to add unlimited crystals. Obviously, this will give you an insane boost in the game. You will get an excessive amount of the most valuable resource in the game. None of the in-game improvements will be to expensive for you. If this is what you are looking for. I would recommend you to follow the next steps to enter the tanki online hack crystals tool:

Click on the button “Hack Tanki Online”.

  1. Enter the username of the Tanki Online account.
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Tanki Online Crystal Hack and the Importance of Crystals.

Tanki online crystal hack is used to add an additional amount of resources to your account. In fact, Crystal is the most important resource in the game. It’s used for every single upgrade you want to make to your tanki. There are several upgrades you can apply on your personal vehicle. Undoubtedly, the most important upgrade would be your turret. The turret on your tank will be used to destroy your enemies.  Therefore, it is important to choose the right turret for the right situation. Read more about The Best Tanki Online Turrets and Hulls. Next to turret upgrades you can also use your free tanki online crystals to improve the looks of your tank with some new paint. If you don’t care about the looks you can spend it on supplies, hulls and passes. Sometimes, you can also purchase extremely rare items. These only show during specific periods, an example would be Christmas.

Tanki online Tips and Tricks

Tanki Online Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Strategy matters

Next to the tanki online hack apk we also provide additional cheats, tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. The first tip to receive is that strategy matters. The strategy should be decided before you start upgrading your tank. There are a lot of different upgrades, and not all of them are compatible with one another. To explain, imagine that you upgrade your weaponry to an artillery for long range. But in your next upgrade you improve to speed of your hulls. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense. Thus make sure that you set your strategy and follow it all the way! To make sure you don’t make this mistake you should read our Tanki online Cheats! If you want more in-depth tips and tricks to improve your gameplay, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

How to select the right weapon?

In-game you can choose between multiple different weapons, choosing the right one from the start is a good cheat to start with. It is important to select the right one as each has its own personal specifications. Some can be used to attack your enemy from a distance while you are in your safe zone. While other weapons have a very high attack speed with low damage, or a high cooldown with high damage. Obviously, the perfect weapon depends on the strategy you are following. Usually, you will play with team mates. It is important to align your strategy. Some of you might choose to become a close battle tank, while others in your team should focus on killing from a long distance. Always, choose one weapon to start with, and stick with it. It’s always better to upgrade one weapon all the way to the m3 level. Rather than owning several different sets of weapons that aren’t upgraded at all. If need more weapons than you have in your arsenal at the moment. You could boost your account with the Tanki online hacking tool!

Continue to our advanced Tanki Online Cheats Strategy Guide 2019!

We already offer some basic tips and tricks here to help you improve your online gameplay. However, you might need an extra push to actually reach to top leadboards in Tanki Online! Therefore, we offer an advanced Tanki online Cheats Strategy Guide for 2019. In this guide, you will learn ten advanced tips you can use to improve your online gameplay, strategy and rankings!


It’s time to select the hulls

The hull is the bottom part of your tank that includes the caterpillar track. The hull should be selected based on your choice of weapon. If you haven’t selected a weapon, read the Tanki online cheats about weaponry first.  You can either choose for more mobility or armor. Consequently higher mobility will be done by a lighter machine frame. While an increasing amount of armor comes paired with more weight. For example, when you choose to be a short ranged damage vehicle you should take the hull with high mobility. Otherwise, if you want to be able to take some shots for some of your team mates. The heavy armor is a more feasible option. Again, make sure that your fist pick is the right one. This way you can dedicate your resources to one part.

Improve your efficiency

Most of the games take hours to gather and farm enough resources. This isn’t any different with Tanki online free. Sometimes it might take hours of effort to reach the next level. Or to get enough resources for your next item improvement. Hence, you should consider purchasing in-game passes. Passes bring additional benefits to the game to reduce the time needed to reach certain goals. For example, while your in-game level gets higher the time to level-up will increase. Accordingly you will add a pass for an experience boost. Now you will only need halve the time you usually spend to level. If you don’t have enough resources to buy some of the passes. You can always decide to use the Tanki Online Hack we provide here!