As we all are players in the Tanki Online Game, some of you are experienced longer time players, while some have just started out. The following article is aimed at both experienced and beginner players. There might be some advices you already know but there will be something useful for all!


Development Strategy

The development strategy is probably the hardest but most important issue.  When you didn’t look into this aspect, it’s easy to hate Tanki Online. Mostly because you lack crystals in the beginning and therefore you won’t be able to complete all the upgrades you wish.

We cover 4 different methods today: Detailed weapon description will follow in the next blog.

First method: Use real money to get crystals. This does cost money, however it is very handy when you don’t have much time to spend in Tanki Online.

TIP: when buying use the double crystal card for some bonus crystals

Second Method: By using this you won’t have to spend any money, but you would need some patience. Many people spend their hard farmed crystals on useless crap. When this is done it usually results into low-level tanks or hulls, and the gear received is of low quality, which of course isn’t sufficient. When you recently begun with Tanki Online, decide on a strategy, choose a hull and turret which looks good to you, following start gathering crystals for the gear chosen before. By doing this you will gain a powerful combination of your turret and hull, both compatible with each other. Which will enable you to fight on equal or higher levels with other Tanki Online Gamers that do invest money into the game.

Third Method: This one you would have to invest some money. When you are still low ranked, you can get 25k of crystals by investing only 5 euro or less. With these starting crystals you can buy a hull and turret, with them you will be a powerful opponent straight away. This increases the efficiency to gain a high rankings in the leaderboards in wars and therefore you will take a bigger portion of the rewards received in battles.

Last method: Win contests. The forum has many newspaper contests which have prizes which will make you gain crystals. Also there will be some frequent contests from time to time, these can be found on the Tanki Online homepage.


Battle Modes

In Tanki Online there are several different battle modes: Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Control points.

When you are still perceived as a low ranked player, it is advised to play some DM (deathmatch) battles. This because it will give you some crystals for sure. With team battles there is always the possibility that you play awesome, but your team isn’t collaborating. Then in the end the amount of crystals will be based on the team performance.

Also it is advised to play  with people from the same rank as you.

You would have to find a balance with gaining XP (higher levels earn more XP) but earning Tanki Online crystals will help you quickly upgrade your garage.


Before starting a battle, consider your strategy (details here)

The battles out there have been created by players themselves. You are able to do this as well. Consider your own playstyle when choosing a map. Also when you join a battle, make sure it has just started, this helps you reaching the number one position more easily and therefore make a substantial amount of crystals.


Don’t redo what has been done!

This has been done for you already!

When dynamic combat has your preference, you should choose the light hull, Hornet or Wasp for example. Hunter can work for you as well, it has a proper speed, great armor and stability is good enough. When you are a hiding sniper, most of the hulls will work for you, however Titan, Mammoth and Hunter should have your priority. Also Dictator is always out there and will work in any case.

+ Great mobility and is very agile

  • Armor is a bit weak and unstable. When firing a rail, and getting fired at it is most likely you will roll over.

+ Tank with high speed, armor is relatively good, it is a great flag stealer with a nice hull.

  • Unstable, when you applied drugs, the incredible pace isn’t possible to be controlled causing you to roll over.

+ The mobility is relatively high, agile, good armor and it looks cool.

  • Has a strange drift, and can be a great choice.

+ Strong armor, fast, low profile and great stability

  • It isn’t easy to maneuver


+ Good armor, high mobility. Close to the back you will find the turret attached, therefore it is easy to shoot from locations where the opponent has no vision.

  • Stability is lacking. The dictator is fairly weak and can be easily damaged in the middle of its body.
    +Awesome armor, great stability and still good to maneuver
  • Slow and low on agility


+ Almost impossible to kill, it highest level of armor out there in the game

  • Slow, the mammoth is really slow when it needs to change directions and quite expensive



We elaborated on the strategies that enable you to earn more crystals in the this great online game full of tanks. Four different methods have described to guide you in your quest towards the most valuable resource in the game: Crystals. Obviously, the most simple option is to purchase the resource. However, if you don’t have the money to spend. You can apply the other strategies to compete the fair way in Tanki Online game!