What weapon to choose? It all depends on your playstyle but also the map you are playing on. For lower ranks: Freeze. Firebird, Smoky or Twins for small maps.  On medium maps: Thunder, Twins, Smoky or Railgun. And the larger maps: Railgun, Smoky or even Shaft. On higher ranks:  for small maps: Isida, Twins or Firebird. On medium maps: Ricochet, Railgun, Thunder and Shaft, what can work as well is: Isida or Freeze with a fast hull. On larger maps you can use Railgun, Thunder, Shaft and sometimes even Ricochet.

All Turrets in Tanki Online Listed.



fire bird turret

good damage, The burning attack that does an incredible amount of damage and  might possibly kill anyone and it continues even when you’ve been destroyed. One of the disadvantages is that is has a small range and it takes long in between shots.



Freeze - Tanki Online

The high damage dealing weapon is also able to freeze your enemies, this will turn them in helpless victims. The disadvantages being: a slow recharge and short range.



Isida Turret

Awesome for team battles. Earning experience is easy by healing your team. The disadvantage being its range, its only 15 meters.



Hammer Turret - Tanki Online

This gun is known for its immense burst, instead of one bullet it fires three bullets at the same time doing an immense amount of damage at once. Its reload speed is similar to smoky, the reload time between clips can be compared with the railgun



Twins Turrets

it has a high fire ratio, A decent amount of knock-back but reloads fast. Additionally it gives the ultimate sound of terror to your enemies which help strike terror in the hearts of your opponents. Its disadvantage is that it is hard to aim and has a short range.



Ricochet turret

Again a powerful weapon. It has already made a name for himself by dealing high continuous damage in a short period . You can also use bullets who are able to bounce on the floor to kill enemies whilst still covering yourself to avoid enemy fire.



Smoky Turret

The weapon with the most versatility. When you have some skill this weapon is very effective at any rank. The biggest advantage is that it deals proper damage while it has a high shooting rate at the same time. It has the possibility to get a critical hit, dealing a lightning strike, which can one shot enemies.



vulcan turret

The defense weapon of the game. Your ammo won’t perish however when shooting for too long it will overheat and start dealing self-damage.



Thunder Turret

Has a slower rate of fire than Smoky, but still it deals quite some damage. Additionally, it can damage multiple opponents just with one shot! Also it can be good sometimes to self-destruct, so that the enemy won’t get the kill. Simply don’t forget to remember  that the damage of Thunder reduces when the enemy is further away (distance).



Railgun Turret - Tanki Online

One of the most played weapons in the game. Every shot deals a tremendous amount of HP, great knock-back effect, more so when the enemy is on the move. However it is lacking some recharge speed.

Shaft- Are you a sniper? This will be the gun to use. (it has a sniper-sight, push the space bar and hold it to charge) It has great range and awesome damage. It is slow in rotating and recharging though.


TankiOnline Technique and shooting tactics

Here are some tips for you on how to shoot with various guns.

The smoky gun:

When your opponent has a rail, use this strategy. Shoot 3 or 4 times and wait until the enemy barrel starts sparkling. To make sure the opponent can’t hit you, you should aim at the enemies barrel. This way to usually miss. This can also be done with Thunder, but then just wait for one shot and start aiming at the sides of the hull.


This is very similar to the smoky gun. Twins is great at knocking enemies’sights back a bit. You have to gain some skills but then you are able to rule the battlefield.

Get to know the bouncing effect and master it. This weapon is perfect to hit enemies from angles that aren’t reached by other guns. Listen carefully as a hit will give a distinctive sound each time a ball hits your opponent.  It can easily disrupt aiming of the enemy and it will slow them. With Firebird or Freeze, move backwards but still keep shooting at your opponent.

You will have to learn to control the turret of your rank, while simultaneously turning the turret and hull. This will be of so much help on the battlefield.

The best Turrets and Hull Combinations in 2017

These are some good combinations to mess around with:

Wasp- combines with, smoky, firebird, railgun, isida, hammer and freeze.

Hornet- combines with, smoky railgun, thunder, isida, hammer. Also could be used with freeze and firebird.

Hunter- combines with, smoky, ricochet, railgun, thunder and twins.

Viking- combines with all weapons pretty much. However we prefer, hammer, ricochet, railgun and thunder.

Dictator- is the best with railgun, but also pretty decent at iside,vulcan, thunder and ricochet.

Titan- combines with, smoky, thunder, shaft, vulcan, twins and railgun.

Mammoth- combines with all weapons pretty much. However we prefer, vulcan, freeze, twins, shaft and thunder.

When you like team play, and stealing flags has your focus, you could best use the wasp, hornet and hunter hulls. When you play defensive, you could best choose mammoth in comination with ricochet or freeze. Assaulting dictator is the best option.

How to use supplies efficiently

This will help you use your consumables properly:

  1. Don’t use them before the battle. Close in on the enemy flag first. When you are close, start drugging!
  2. Don’t waste them when it is being defended by a freeze. It is possible to destroy it, however the freeze effect will inhabit you from going far before your supplies have expired.
  3. When playing death match consumables are only used when you really need them. Stupid use of them will cause enemies to bundle their forces and turn you down. The rhythm of the game will be lost and therefore the game will be lost.
  4. When you aren’t able to buy them keep an eye out during games. They will be dropped on the map in certain places . Stick to these zones and you’ll be able to save up enough supplies to sustain yourself on the battlefield.

Receive Tanki Online Crystals Effeciently!

If you want to save yourself a lot of time you can use the tanki online hack 2017 and otherwise you can combine the tanki online cheats with the tutorial below:

You will have to play DM battles. Also try to finish the long games (999 kills for example), the potential here is to get about 10k of crystals. However keep thinking about the server restart. Use this time of the day in your favor. There are a lot of battles that last 300 minutes. (about 5 hours). Usually these will be team battles. Don’t enter them immediately, or at least it is not necessary. Just enter them when it’s about 180 minutes (about 3 hours) and make sure you join  the victorious side . The battle fund will already be quite high and some players will be leaving. Also when you are a good player, you could play in multiple short battles. Then you’ll spend about the same time, earn a bit less crystals, however you will have some diversity in the game.