Crystals are the main currency in the Tanki Online game. This holds that it is the most valuable currency in the game that can be used to upgrade almost an infinite objectives. Usually, crystals are used to complete upgrades for the turrets, hulls and other type of modules.

Tanki Online Paints

tanki online paints

You can also use the crystals to make cosmetic adjustments to your tank. With paints you can paint your tank in specific colors that will make your tank unique and stand out in the game. Even though many people don’t see value in these upgrades. Visual make overs are still one of the main things micro transactions are spend on in freemium games. The best paint style that is accessible throughout the gameplay is the “python” paint. This requires 100.000 crystals.

Tanki Online Passes

Tanki Online passes

Crystals in Tanki Online are also used to purchase passes. Passes are created to give the gamer a in-game benefit that allows him to perform a specific action.

Premium pass

For example, with the premium pass people can receive additional experience and a 100% increase of the crystals received during the game.

Pro battle pass

Pro Battle passes are used to create a Pro battle. Here, you are allowed to create a custom game where you can choose which kind of modules you would like to include. Supplies, minor updates, gold boxes and firing on your allies are all options that can be enabled or disabled. This pass unlocks when you reach the master corporal rank. And is commonly used for clan wars.

Beginner’s pass

The Beginner’s pass is similar to the premium pass and also adds an experience bonus and 100% additional crystals unlocked during the game. Moreover, the duration of the pass is around 3 weeks. Which is decent reward for a long period!

Rename pass

As the name is already indicating the Rename pass will allow you to change your in-game alias. The costs to change your name calculated to real money instead of crystals is $18. Which is a considerable amount. So make sure to enter the right name from the start. When purchased, you can find this pass under “special” in the garage.

Other tanki online passes

There are also other online passes in Tanki Online.

  • Double crystal card
  • Bronze multiplier pass for 30%/50%/100%
  • Silver multiplier pass for 30%/50%/100%
  • Gold Multiplier pass for 30%/50%/100%
  • Multiplier pass for 30% experience increase.

Most of these passes are self-explanatory. The names indicate the benefit that is acquired.


Gifts and surprise items

Tanki Online crystals can also be used to donate gifts to some of your friends. Obviously, you can also purchase the gifts for yourself. These are usually the so called legendary items that can only be received during special events. Think about Summer Sale, Tanker’s Day, May Holidays, Valentines Day and more. During these specific events you can unlock unique items that only provide cosmetic benefits in the game. They are always customized to the specific subject that comes with the holiday!

How to get Tanki Online Crystals?

Tanki Online Crystals

Crystals are received by playing the game. Or, by making an in-game purchase with the micro transactions. There are many ways for you to acquire a sufficient amount of crystals. We have listed them below:

Gold Boxes

While you are battling in the game. Gold Boxes will randomly appear. When you pick them up. An amount of 1000 crystals will be added to your account. Since this happens during all kind of battles. You can imagine that this is the most convenient way to receive crystals.

Daily missions

For regular players it is a must to complete the daily missions every day. Even though you will not always receive the expected crystals. In 37% of the time you will be rewarded with the most valuable resource in the game after completion.

Referral links

Just like any other game you can make referrals in the game. This is nothing more than inviting your friends to start playing the game. You will receive crystals for every new friend of your that starts playing the game through your referral link!

Purchasing crystals

Next to putting in all the effort. There is also the option to purchase the in-game currency with real money. It is up to yourself if you can afford to do so. Or, if you think it is worth the money. Of course, you can find other sources on the web like the Tanki Online Hack. To add many crystals to your account for free.

Now start gathering all the resources you can find! And, upgrade your tank to reach the highest rankings in the game possible! Join a clan, and start your Tanki Online Experience!